Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Penderwicks

Driving on a lonely road, with really no idea where their vacation destination is the Penderwick sisters and their father pull over to the side of the road to ask directions from a tomato seller. “Take the first left, then a quick right and look for number eleven”

Little did this family know that by the end of their vacation living in a cottage on the Arundel estate that they would be telling stories about a ferocious bull, Jeffrey, mysterious hedges, and much more.

This wonderful story about adventurous, sometimes fighting, but always loving sisters went right to the heart. I was right alongside Rosalind and her true love, Skye and her fierce sense of adventure, Jane with her ‘in the works’ novel, and young Batty and her playful wings.
I am the oldest of four sisters, so that made this book even more enjoyable. Winner of the 2005 National Book Award, this is a good read for all families.

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Erin said...

Glad you liked this so much! I should re-read it.