Sunday, January 25, 2009

Essay for Bible Class


Systematic Theology

Who Lives and Who Dies - Is this God or Man’s Decision?

God has an ultimate plan for every single one of us. But does that mean we have no say in our lives? Do we have to throw up our hands and let everything happen as it happens? What about when it comes to life, for instance, a baby? When a woman discovers there is possibility of becoming pregnant she can react in multiple ways. She could be overjoyed and thrilled at the possibility of bringing a baby into this world. She could hate the idea and immediately research abortion methods. Or, another option would be to look into birth control. The question is, should she be able to have all these options, deciding whether a baby should survive or not?

When it comes to birth control you can apply it in ways ranging from taking pills that contain hormones to prevent the egg and sperm from reaching each other to men and women personally protecting themselves with physical barrier methods. Birth control can be used on a regular basis or a last minute emergency option. One of the most controversial methods of birth control is the morning after pill. Supposedly the only difference between this and the other regular pills is the amount of hormones (morning after pills have large amounts of hormones) and when it is taken (the morning after). All of these prevent the egg from becoming fertilized. There is no life to kill and because there is no life to kill, there is no harm or inhumanness involved. In the case of abortion, it is murder and it kills the fertilized egg and therefore demolishes the life. In the Bible, God makes it clear how He loves children and is extremely protective over them. Whatever control we decide to have over life better be right because we will be answering to the ultimate Father one day.

So then, birth control is not an abortion and does not kill, but is it still right? God does have a plan, but we actually have a pretty big say in our lives, because He has given us the ability to choose between right and wrong. The decisions we make are judged by God through our heart. Today, a lot of teens are careless with their sexual behavior and find themselves in heaps of trouble with “parents” being a looming job title. They figure that birth control will solve this and they can continue on with their sin with no consequences. This is bad. Abusing the ability to give birth to children is in many ways wrong and will be judged. But, because the Lord is an understanding God, I believe in certain cases birth control is morally permissible. It is not possible to come up with a list of situations you need to be in to righteously use birth control because it is up to you and you’re conscience. Keeping in mind that God wants what is best for us, for health reasons and for financial reasons this is not a bad way to go. If your heart is in the right place and you are content with where you are in life, birth control might not be a bad idea, but when it is abused to cover up sins and to patch up problems, it will only make the situation worse.

To conclude, we are all under the rule and dominion of God. He knows what is going to happen hundreds of years from now and he knows who is going to get married and have kids and who is going to have abortions, and who is going to be in jail. He has known all this from the very beginning and will continue knowing it forever and ever. We cannot trick God. As Christians, we must remember that God forms our inward parts (body, mind, and soul) at conception (Psalm 139:13-14). Birth control is a way we can stabilize our lives and feel more comfortable, either in a good or bad way (using it as a stabilizer for a sinful life). God should be our ultimate stabilizer, but He knows we are only human and we need more than just Him. Unfortunately we thrive on new and improved ways to manage our lives. This is not a bad thing, as long as we keep our goals and standards straight. Christians can use birth control as long as they believe what they are doing is right and just and if they can honestly stand before God with their decision.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Picture of the Week (4)

Last week, North Carolina was hit with snow. 5 inches. The whole state literally shut down. Dead Serious. :) This makes me laugh so hard because Idaho got hit a lot harder than that and I'm guessing their governor did not declare a state of emergency :P We had 2 1/2 snow days and it was so fun! Amy took this picture below from my bed room window and I thought I would share it with you all! :0

And this is my pic of the week. I was wondering what my mom was cooking and I lifted up the silver lid and saw the water boiling. It seemed really neat to me, so I snapped a picture :)

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fly Girl by Sherri L. Smith

Fly Girl by Sherri L. Smith

While the men and boys were out fighting in the war, the woman and girls stayed home and cooked or cleaned. Some even collected material objects to send off to factories to make more weapons and ammunition. This situation worked for most people but not for Ida Mae Jones. Ever since her dad had taken her up in his old Curtiss JN-4, she wanted to fly. At that moment she fell in love with the sky. One small problem was that she was a girl and girl pilots were looked down on and scorned. Slowly though, that problem was being resolved by independent woman taking a stand. Unfortunately for Ida that was nothing, the problem for her was that she was colored. But then, that shouldn’t even be a problem. Faced with the biggest decision of her life, Ida doesn’t know what to do. Stay at home, embracing her family and the way she is or pursue flying, covering up who she really is, denying her existence as a black woman.

I love historical fiction books and Fly Girl definitely didn’t disappoint me. Ida was so real to me and I found myself completely hooked on her life story and how she managed to fly as one of the first colored woman. She was willing to sacrifice everything she had and knew to fly and to make a difference. Not a lot of people are willing to do that anymore.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Photo of the Week (3)

All of the leaves on the trees are gone and all that is left are empty branches. I prefer it this way though. They appear so peaceful and calm and I love looking at them. These particular trees are in my backyard. :D

Sorry this is a bit late... :)

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Escape by Carolyn Jessop

Escape by Carolyn Jessop

Carolyn was born into a family that had been practicing polygamy for many generations. She grew up with abuse and insecurity all around her. She watched as her sister ran away from home, scared about being forced into a marriage with a man that was 20 years her senior. She also watched as that same sister was pulled back by the leaders of their community with emotional and religious prompts. If she didn’t obey their will she would go and rot in hell. It was Carolyn’s turn now and she was forced to marry a man at least twice her age who already had 3 wives and around 20 children. That night as he lay on top of her she felt violated and wondered if this really was just a rape. At that moment, a little bit of doubt crossed her mind, and that started her thinking about what else was out there in the real world. Was she supposed to live like this? Her next 15 years were spent slowly planning her escape.

If someone asked me to define polygamy, I would have said, when a man has multiple wives. That is true, and it was bad in my eyes, but after reading Carolyn’s story of abuse, starvation, death, animal cruelty, dying children, and burned books I now realize it wasn’t bad, it was horrendous. Carolyn worked harder than is ever possible to ensure her children’s happiness in a free world, but it almost killed her. She is a hero to her kids and a role model to all abused woman and children in polygamist or abusive situations of any kind.

I greatly encourage you to watch the video below of an interview with Carolyn. It is eight minutes, but it really shows what this lady has been through and will encourage you to read her book.

This above video was an excerpt from a 40 minute video here. Go to it! You can select sections to watch, hear her answer questions, and touch on certain topics.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Picture of the Week (2)

One of the things I was most excited about unpacking (yes, i still have boxes in my closet to unpack) was this. A signed autographed picture of one of my all time favorite Boise State Bronco players, T.J. Acree. In the picture he is playing for a Pro Canadian Team. My dad was in contact with his mother for some reason and through her was able to surprise me with this. :D

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Picture of the Week

My sister Amy gave me an amazing cool, red camera for Christmas this year. It's so pretty and I love it so very much! Because of this I have been taking lots of pictures lately. :) Along with Mrs. M and Brady, I will be posting my favorite photo of the week here for your enjoyment.

This week, it is a pumpkin that has my best friend's name on it. I was able to spend the last week with her on a mini Christmas vacation! It was so fun and a GREAT start to the New Year. :D