Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ballad by Traci

What Kind of Man is This?

Based on the Story of Jesus Calming the Winds

By Traci Van Deventer

A boat at night all quiet and calm,

Four men do sit and steer,

They’re with the Man called Blessed One,

No angst, nor grief, but fear.

A fear that is unknown to them,

Until the moment’s done,

Like foxes on a hunting day,

Safe till time to run.

They left behind a hill of men,

Of whom had come to see,

The peace and joy of Jesus Christ,

But what is yet to be?

The wind started up from deep within,

The waves whipped to and fro,

A scary storm surrounded by sea,

The men yell, “Christ, oh no! “

One Man is not afraid of death,

One Man sleeps all alone,

He knows the outcome and the test,

Of trusting what’s not known.

This Man awakes at cries of fear,

Now faith must be restored,

He makes the sea bow to His will,

Proclaiming He is Lord.

I read a book...

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han.

I liked it. :)