Saturday, August 30, 2008

Football, New House, Acting Update, Fav. Song

The crowd sits restless in their metal sits trying to hear above the roaring of the stadium. The announcer's voice soars above the excitement. And now please welcome, THE BOISE STATE BRONCOS!! The emotion I feel when I see those players running out through the smoke, is almost indescribable. Their passion is unbelievable, all their hard work about to get tested with on the spot decisions. I'm not a sport player at all, but watching this team play football is very special to me.

Tonight my team plays their season opener against Idaho State, GO BRONCOS!!
About three weeks ago, my family moved into our new house. After living for a year in our apartment it's nice to be able to move around a little bit more. We have so many boxes though, it's insane. I've lived without a lot of this stuff for two years (storage) so I've decided to get rid of tons, but definitely not any of my books. It's been a very exciting adventure! :)

Acting Update!! So, I auditioned for my school's play, The Secret Garden and got the part of Nurse Grey. I'm really happy that I got in because the audition and cut process was pretty scary at times. Nurse Grey will be fun to play because she has some attitude and a mind of her own!
Also, I just got informed that I get to perform a couple of songs from Schoolhouse Rock with some of my cast members for a program that our city is having. The part I'm pretty pumped about is that we get to do it at this amazing Amphitheater....

And, finally my favorite songs of the week.

I Believe by Fantasia.

Fly on the Wall by Miley Cyrus


Erin said...

Don't you wish that you could be a fly on the wall...a creepy little, sneaky little fly on the wall...all my precious secrets yeah, you know them all...

I've listened to that CD SO MANY TIMES.

Edge said...

Yay! Moving is always an exciting/frustrating time. That's great about School House Rocks!

lovemily01 said...

I don't see how you can be so emphatic about football..? but I respect you for it :)
It actually wasn't AS boring as I thought it would be.
I can't WAIT to see secret garden!!

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Cool! Football season. CSU-P has a football team for the first time this year, so everyone is pretty stoked for that. First game is Saturday....

Rosie said...

I bet the Broncos won;)

Hannah said...



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