Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fairy Tale Story with Proverb Moral

At the end of last year, my Bible teacher had us write a fairy tale with a proverb moral. We had already finished his exam and we needed something to do with the extra time. I was very excited since writing is one way for me to escape from everything for a bit. Anyways, I wrote it in class and turned it into him. To my sadness though, school ended and I still had not gotten it back. Thankfully though, because of his amazing organizational skills he had still saved it over summer. So, I have my story and I can share it with you now.

Side note: I have many different moods when I write, as I'm sure you all do. The mood I was in that day was (as you will soon be able to tell) dramatic and morbid. ;)


“A man burdened with bloodshed will flee into a pit, let no one help him.” Proverbs 28:17

The murderer plunged through the darkness of the castle cellar, not sure where he was going but knowing he needed to find the door soon. Blood dripped from his jacket and from his hand which held a small knife. This one small silvery object had taken the life of a young girl, a princess. Her smiling face never to be seen again. The owner of the knife came to a quick stop as he found the door handle and wrenched it open. There were two staircases ahead of them and not having enough time to ponder, randomly chose the left, leaping up the stairs two at a time. He heard some commotion below and hastened to find a way out into the open, the scene that just happened replaying through his mind.

“Stay away from me, GO AWAY!” she yelled
He came closer, “you know who I am”
She trembled, “I won’t tell anyone, I promise!!”
He raised his knife to strike her…

THUD. A sound on the nearby wall shook him back to the present time as whizzing arrows shot past him. Finally, he found a door that led outside; he grabbed the handle and twisted, exposing himself to the sunlight. Before him he saw people in great distress running around, cows mooing, and children screaming. He secretly tried to mingle with the crazy crowd, but his bloody clothes didn’t go unnoticed. A little girl inquired, “Sir, why do you have blood on your shirt? Mom! Come look at this man, he’s all bloody!” That did it. The crowd started shouting, knowing the man they were looking for was in their midst. He started running but that just made it even more obvious. Ahead, the killer saw a hole in the ground and taking a chance, threw himself into it.

His screams could be heard a mile away. This strange man had jumped into a deep pit of poisonous snakes, the pit used only for witches and sorcerers. The crowd became silent as they stood watching the happenings in the hole. After a while though, they started becoming restless and nervous.
“Should someone help him?” A lady cried. Another woman chimed in, “he should go before the king!” The crowds silenced again as a deep old voice that dripped with wisdom slowly said, “anyone who rescues that man in the pit will get a punishment that will shock even the king’s torturers. “ The people pondered his words thoughtfully, but suddenly a high voice rang throughout the people.

“I will rescue him!”

A young boy, trying to prove his manhood strode up and produced a long rope. He swung it down into the pit and called to the now horribly swollen, bitten man, “Grab hold of the rope, sir.”

The murderer got the rest of his energy together and grabbed onto the rope, but the second the foolish boy summoned his strength to pull the killer up, the rope became both of their deaths. It started changing its shape becoming boiling lava, blazing fire, sharp nettles, and lastly electricity shocks that burned the skin to a crisp. It took less than a minute for both human beings to be unrecognizable in their piles of ashes. One in the pit, one outside of it.

The old man shook his head as the crowd subsided to go mourn their princesses’ death. If only the boy had listened to the man’s words. He had been so caught up in getting some glory and fame that he had forgotten all of the wise advice he had received growing up and had wasted it all in one stupid decision.



Edge said...

Wow :p definitely a dark/morbid mood. And I'm so glad my post made you laugh. It's nice to know someone get a kick out of it - better than me sulking (which I of course, have NOT been doing :-)

Erin said...

lol...that was VERY dramatic ;)

Sookie said...

Oooh...a cursed rope? Piles of ashes? A fable based on a Proverb? I like! Great job :-)

Rosie said...

You should write another one, that was really good. I loved it!

lovemily01 said...

Your story! I had no idea he saved those... that awesome :D
I still remember my superb reading skills ;) jk
beautiful story! Bloodshed, vengeance, and evil people all in one...

naju said...

i love this story

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Christie said...

This is great!