Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bowl Game Time!

Hawaii Bowl
December 23, 2007
Score: East Carolina 41
Broncos 38

We were able to watch the game at a friend’s house. They had this HUGE theater room set up with a big screen, comfortable chairs, and really cool sound system. The game started. Unfortunately, the Broncos started weak and they didn’t appear very motivated. Their opponents WERE motivated and took advantage of our temporary weakness.

I have to say that it was hard to watch my team get slaughtered. At one point right before half time we were down 23 points. Then our awesome coach decided to call a no huddle. This usually is only called in the last seconds of the game to complete a last effort drive to try and score. Our game was only in the 2nd quarter. Coach Pete needed to do something and that something worked. We scored and from that moment on the game changed. We squashed everything they had and started coming back. Ok, so then (with just minutes left) we were in position to tie up the game, when one of our freshman receivers fumbled the ball. His second time that night. He single handily had ruined the game. I felt so so bad for this guy. It was 2 days till Christmas.....what a burden for him. So anyways I felt absolutely horrible for him and I didn't want the game to end like this. Then out of nowhere Marty Tadman (the biggest Christian in Idaho) jumped up and intercepted the ball and ran it back in one of the most amazing moments of the game and made a touchdown. He then proceeded to go directly to the miserable freshman. It was all good now. Nothing had been lost. We were tied and that was all that mattered.

Sadly, East Carolina kicked a field goal and won the game. I really would have preferred to have us win, but God is in ultimate control and I think it's almost a win-win situation. All the bronco fans were happy that we came back as much as we did and I think that the East Carolina coach knew that if we had gone into overtime with them, the better team would have won. (But of course that is just my personal opinion)


I would also like to make special note of Georgia whooping Hawaii in their bowl game. That was very well done! (Wouldn’t you say Hannah?)

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Erin said...

Oh, Tracers, you are so funny!

Sherry said...

I love your football write-ups ; )

Hannah said...

Yes i wouls say so very much!!! :D Go dawgs... and Go Broncos!!! :D