Saturday, January 12, 2008

happy happy

I really enjoy ice skating! Doing it and watching it. A month ago, I submitted a question to the official skating magazine in a "fan interview" opportunity. IT GOT PICKED! It got published along with about 15 more questions from kids all around the United States. :) This would be my third time being published in one of these magazines!!!

The guy that was being interviewed is named Stephen Carriere. He is 18 and the 2007 World Junior Champion.

Q.What is the most rewarding thing that ice skating has given you?

A. Skating has made me create a good work ethic for anything I do in life. Especially due to the International Judging System, skating allows me to put all of my effort into working on everything I set out do.



Sherry said...

Very cool!

Hannah said...


Anonymous said...

Wow Traci, thats fantastic!! *scream*
What were the other two times?

Anidori-Isilee said...


I *love* figure skating. I used to skate a long time ago, and I really miss it now. Being on the's the best feeling ever. *sigh*