Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What a game...

Ian Johnson about to get a touchdown - Joe Jaszewki / The Idaho Statesman

*breathes a sigh of relief* Last night was a VERY stressful night. The Broncos played Nevada at home. This wasn't suppose to be a close game (I thought the Broncos were going to smash them). It ended up being a fight to the end of the game, literally.

The game started out with the Broncos dominating, but by halftime, it was apparent that the teams were going to have to work a lot harder to hold on to the game. Back and forth they went, Nevada scoring, then the Broncos answering. As the game clock ticked the last seconds down, the Broncos kicked a field goal, tying the game. It was overtime. 44-44.

I don't like overtimes because they make me very nervous. I wasn't going to stop watching though. Nevada scored a touchdown on their first play, then the Broncos did the same. This was repeated with the second overtime. In third overtime, both teams were forced to kick a field goal. Now it was fourth overtime. Very few teams get this far. The rule in this overtime is that if you get a touchdown you have to go for the two-point conversion. This is pretty hard and many teams can't do it. So, we got the ball first. We scored. Now for the two points. I was so anxious because they HAD to make this and THEY DID!!!!!

So now it's Nevada's ball. It took them a bit longer to score but they ended up getting a touchdown. *doesn't breath* Time for the two-point conversion. *still isn't breathing* They hike the ball and............BAM, the guy with the ball is down and WE WONNNNNNNN!!!! *breathes and breathes and breathes and screams and jumps off the couch and back onto it and then screams again*

Final Score 69-67

Blocking an extra point - Shawn Raecke/Idaho Statesman


Cristina said...

Ooooooo! I was even nervous reading your post! Great description! I am glad that the Boise won! Wahoooo!

Erin said...

It was really fun to watch with you at the end. :)

Hannah said...

Oh that is so awesome!!!!! lol. Did you see the LSU Kentucky game?? I dont like eather of these teams but Kentucky beat LSU in the Third Overtime... i was so amazed!!!

Traci said...

Hannah- no I didn't see that game, but my dad told me about it and I saw some highlights on TV. What a game!!!! I love it when underdogs win. ;)

Anonymous said...