Monday, October 15, 2007

Cover-Up: Mystery at the Super Bowl

COVER-UP by John Feinstein

Stevie and Susan are teen writers and stars of a new TV show, Kids-Sports. They go to lots of events as reporters, but it seems wherever they are a deep, dark secret is uncovered. But, this time, during the Super Bowl it's not going to happen. I mean it's the Super Bowl, what could go wrong? Because of a slinky business deal Susan and Stevie aren't working with each other. They soon realize that the only way their problems can be solved is if they work as a pair. The hard part is everyone around them doesn't want them working together....

This book was a delightful read for me since I absolutely love football. Even though Stevie is the opposite gender of me, I felt at many points I could really relate to his life and thoughts. I believe any football or sports fan would enjoy Cover-Up and want more when it's done. This is John Feinstein's third book about Stevie and Susan and definitely my favorite. A bit of language and boyfriend/girlfriend content, but overall a very suitable book.

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Erin said...

VERY nice review. Makes me want to read it. :)