Wednesday, July 2, 2008


First tag(from Erin): List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to.

1. Take a Bow by Rihanna
2. This is Me by Demi Lovato
3. Apologize by One Republic
4. When Your Gone by Avril Lavigne
5. Fearless by Daechelle
6. For Good by Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth
7. Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

Second Tag (from Hannah):
- Link the person who tagged you.
- Mention the rules in your blog.
- Tell about 6 funky quirks of yours.
- Tag 3 following bloggers by linking them.
- Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers' blogs letting them know they've been tagged and telling them to go to your blog for the details.

1) What were you doing 10 years ago?
getting ready for our neighborhood's annual clown parade...

2) What are 5 things on your to-do list today?
1.pick up my Dad from airport
2. clean room Lost
4. Get Kelsie a birthday present
5. get well

3) The last 3 books you've read
Out of the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst
The Patron Saint of Butterflies by Cecilia Galante
Under a War-Torn Sky by L.M. Elliot

4) Snacks you enjoy
bread, JELL-O, plain ground beef, apples, oreos

5) Things you would do if you were a billionaire
give lots of money to my family, build an organization that helps out Christian actors, actresses, dancers, singers, etc.

6) People you want to know more about
my birth parents, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Harriet Tubman, and hmm...oh KIKI STRIKE!!

I tag: anyone :D


Sherry said...

"our neighborhood's annual clown parade"...? How have we missed this? Or did the neighborhood decide it needed to be more sophisticated when the Ms moved in?

Erin said...

I love the songs. :)

Hannah said...

Haha cool.