Thursday, April 10, 2008

Update- 4/10/08

Hello all my wonderful blogger friends!
I'm sorry that I haven't been updated my blog a lot. ;)

When I was homeschooled I had time to read hundreds of books, interview authors, participate in chats online, meet book crazy people like me, etc. Now, I can barely manage 2 books in a month aside from my school reading. That is sad. All these months in North Carolina I've been feeling really sorry for myself. I was really really involved in the online book/teen community and suddenly it all gets taken away from me. But, that was a very bad, selfish thing for me to think. I have thousands of plans for myself and I think God does too. I had an amazing year finding out the joys of literature and I will never ever forget all that I learned. But that time is over. By no means am I going to stop blogging or reading, but I have to stop trying to make things back to the way they were. I now have to focus on school, drama, church and my family.

It's funny. Have you ever prayed for something that seemed impossible to come true? And did it come true, but you didn't necessarily realize it at first? That happened to me. I prayed for more acting opportunities and God moved us to NC and enrolled us in a school with an amazing drama program. God is so patient with me because at first I was just concentrating on the bad parts of moving not the good. He has given me so many things and I'm so thankful.

I love my blog so much and I hope that you all find it enjoyable to read. There will be times where I can blog everyday and times where once a week is pushing it. But, that is the way it has to go. Hopefully, during my breaks and during summer I can make a bunch of posts that I can post when I don't have time to write them...;)

Love you all!

Here is my favorite song of the week:


Hannah said...

Very nice post. Isn't God amazing? He has a plan for us, and we just have to trust Him. :)

Hannah said...


Hannah Jane. said...

Tracie, I hate to tell you this but that dogs kind of creepy.
I am very glad that God has answered your prayers. its kind of funny the way he does that isn't it?

Erin said...

That song is one of my favorites. I can see how it would especially mean a lot to you right now.

As for the rest of the post...*BIG HUG* Keep holding on!

Traci said...

Thanks all!!! ;)

Rosie said...

I'm so happy for you Traci! Its going to be exciting, seeing how God will work in your life in the years to come.

And trust me, your blog's "enjoyable to read".