Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Something you probably don't know about me...

Water. It fascinates me and freaks me out.

Freaks Me Out: I'm not sure why it scares me so much, because I've only had a couple of scary but not dramatic incidents. One of my worst fears is to drown in a car. I pray that it will never happen.
Fascinates Me: Waves. As long as I'm miles away I think they are amazing creations by God.

One of my favorite books of all time is Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson. [Disclaimer: this adult book has lots of language, but I went through with a marker and scribbled everything out...;)]
Anyways, it focuses on the lives of a couple of underwater divers. For a living they worked on underwater structures and conducted tours of common underwater wrecks. That was not all they did though. When they had the chance, these men would go looking for undiscovered underwater wrecks. One of the first steps they would take was to find out what the name of the ship they had discovered was, then they would actually swim inside the tight spaces looking for historical artifacts or if they hadn't found the name of the ship, documents or other things that would help them determine the identify of the ship.
This book also had a really interesting twist by taking the reader back to Germany during World War II and introducing us to some of the young men that traveled on a U-boat that mysteriously disappeared and tying that to the lives of some of the present underwater divers.

I know I would never be able to dive down to an underground wreck (you have to be specially trained and everything), but I really enjoy reading about what it takes and how because of what they find we can discover more about the history of the sunken ships and the people on them.
Ok, so Miss Erin said if I write a bookish post (that was so bookish and deep) she would give me permission to post a random animal picture. hehe
SO, what about this one:
Okey-dokey, I challenge Hannah, Rosie, Miss Erin, and Michelle to find something that is prominent in your life that not that many people would know and tell us about it!! (And it has to be something you are willing to share...*smiles*)


Erin said...


OK, that was a really cool post, and I really want to read that book.

But of all the pictures you could've chosen?! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Cristina said...

Oh my word! WHAT is that???!!!


OK.. great post! (minus freaky-disturbing picture) That book sounds amazing. Underwater stuff really fasinates me too. I smiled when I read the part about you reading the book with a marker. So Traci-ish! Love you girl!

Traci said...

it's a spider.... ;)

Hannah said...

Wowzers!!!! lol

Hannah said...

Thats a spider?????

Hannah said...

Thats a spider?????

Traci said...

yep! ;)