Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Operation Typhoon Shore by Joshua Mowll

Operation Typhoon Shore
by Joshua Mowll

Doug and Becca MacKenzie are traveling on a ship to a remote island with their uncle on one of his missions. Their uncle, the captain of the ship, is involved in a special organization called the Guild of Specialists and right now his mission is to gather four missing artifacts whose purposes are unknown to the young MacKenzies. Doug, eager to join in the action swears into his uncle’s Guild, but Becca declines. Their parents are still missing, supposedly dying doing the Guild’s work, and until she can find out exactly why they died and what they were doing when they died, she refuses to trust the Guild. This separation is very unsettling to the siblings, but when an unexpected danger strikes the island and true identities are revealed, Becca and Doug wonder where their alliance really stand: their uncle’s adventures or their parent’s mysterious disappearance.

Joshua Mowll brings all his characters back for a second appearance in “Operation Typhoon Shore”. While, everything would be crystal clear if the first book was read, his second book can stand by itself. Mowll draws the readers in at the very start with intrigue and curiosity. His writing is very good, but what really makes the book amazing is all the maps, pictures, sketches, and confidential material included through out the book that makes you feel like a real adventurer. I would highly recommend embarking on this exciting adventure and finding out for your self what really happened the day of the Typhoon.

Brief language and possible disturbing moments.

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Erin said...

I have been meaning to read this FOREVER...I loved the first book.