Saturday, September 8, 2007

Voices from Cinderella- part 3

The Other Slipper

in the prime of my life!
Separated from my mate!

liked me well enough
while dancing.
Then she dropped me!

cherished me at first.
Now, I, who was made for
small feet, must suffer.

Each day, a tougher trial.
Heavy, ugly, big feet
pushing down on my very sole!
Oh! I shuffle with pain!
Oh!I shudder silently!
The threat of shattering!
Oh! The strain on a shoe!

Why? I demand to know why!
When will he search for my mate?
When will we step together again?

The Last Poem will be: Father's Peace


Erin said...

This was my favorite I think.

Bohae said...

Very cool :)