Saturday, September 1, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I posted this awhile ago, but nobody commented on it....*sniff* So, I am posting it again hoping that I can get some feedback. :D

My take on the movie. *warning: spoilers*
This movie has been much awaited this year. For some people the movie was very disappointing, for some good, and for some the best ever!

1. I finished re-reading the book outside the theater. It was very fresh in my mind and so I noticed almost everything that was left out of the movie. See Bohae's post about this subject

2. So many things were happening at once, it was hard for character development and to get attached to anything.

1.The added cast members including (in character names): Luna Lovegood, Bellatrix Lestrange, Dolores Umbridge, and Nymphadora Tonks were so fun to watch. I had a blast!

2. At the very end of the movie, Daniel Radcliffe did an exceptional job with the death of his godfather and his temporary possession
by Voldemort.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and am looking forward to watching it on DVD once the book is not so vivid in my head. :D

I can't wait for the 7th book to come out, though it will be the end of an amazing and unforgettble series.

Stay tuned for pictures of costumes that my sister, friend, and I wore to the movie. :D


Anidori-Isilee said...

I haven't read the fifth book for a while so...I thought it was really well done and it's one of my favorites. Evanna Lynch definitely was a highlight, and the special effects and soundtrack were awesome too. Though a lot was left out/changed, I didn't find it very confusing. My mom had never read the book and was dreading taking me to go see the movie since she really didn't like PoA or GoF, but she actually liked it and knew what was happening.

Great review!

Acting Gal said...

I still can't get over how good Evanna Lynch was....

Michelle said...

Great review! Yeah, I agree that Evanna was excellent for her part ... especially her voice! She was definitely my favorite character in the movie.