Saturday, May 26, 2007

Remember the Fallen

Yesterday, I went to the memorial service for a fallen officer. He died by sniper shots defending the community.

The activities started at about 10:00 am with a 300+ procession of police cars from all over the west driving, car by car with their lights flashing down Main Street to the bulding where the service was going to take place. A couple of hours later, Mom and I walked through the line of officers holding flags and under the ladders of two fire engines holding up our country's flag.
The service was thankfully Christian! Many people spoke including the Mayor and Officer Newbill's children. I experienced things I probably will never see again, including a 21 Gun Salute (very loud!), presentation of the Police Cross and American flag to Mrs. Newbill, and more than 300+ officers saluting the fallen hero.

One of the most touching parts was the final call for service, broadcast by the police dispatch over the radio. "Godspeed," the dispatcher said. "One-four-nine, out of service. Go with God."


Sherry said...

Thanks so much for this post. Since we couldn't be a part of this it is great to have your pictures and comments.

Cristina said...

That sounds absolutely amazing. I wish I had been there. Allthough I know I would have bawled my head off. Thanks for posting about it.

Acting Gal said...

It was pretty sad!

Erin said...

Love your picture, darling!