Friday, May 18, 2007

Louisiana's Song

Louisiana’s Song
by Kerry Madden

Livy Two and her family are back with even more excitement and drama. She has had to grow up fast! With her dad still recovering from his traumatic car accident, Emmett working in Ghost Town in the Sky, and money getting tighter and tighter, she really has no choice. Things will get better, they have to...

Louisiana (Louise) is a big part of this story, too. In the last year, she has sprouted and now is the focal point of horrible mockery and teasing from children at school.

Fortunately, Louise can go to her artistry for comfort and reassurance. As their family works hard to keep everything and everyone alive, a queen is crowned, fairy huts are made, trips are taken and the whole Weems family works intensely to get money in the “Everything Box”. ~

Livy Two continues to follow her dream of song writing and through out the book makes-up absolutely beautiful songs! I enjoyed imagining what they “really” sounded like in my head.

I liked the feel of the story and like I said in my review for Gentle’s Holler (Kerry’s first book), I really want to visit some of these places!!!

Kerry Madden does it again by writing another “heartwarming” book.
Stay tuned for the third installment of the Maggie Valley trilogy….

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