Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gentle's Holler

Gentle’s Holler
by Kerry Madden

Livy Two Weems (named after her older sister Livy One who died at birth) lives with her family of ten in their holler in Maggie Valley. Eleven if you count Grandma Horace’s surprise visit.

Livy Two has to deal with lots, including all her siblings, her Daddy’s guitar songs that aren’t selling, and her sister Gentle’s bad eyes.

When money starts getting real bad, her Dad signs her up for a musical competition in town. Livy Two has a good voice and is very good on the guitar, but she doesn’t know if she can sing in front of all those people. Strangers. Her songs came from the Holler and they should stay there. She must sing though, she thinks, for her family at least!

A wonderful story of survival and family love! Kerry Madden’s first book in her Maggie Valley trilogy made me laugh and cry. I didn’t think it possible to interact with a book and its characters the way I did. I now wish I could go and visit the places that were in the book. Highly Recommend!
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Erin said...

This sounds great! Can't wait to read it.

Sherry said...

Nice review, Acting Gal!