Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweet Hearts by Sara Zarr

Sweethearts by Sara Zarr


Change, one word that most people fear or just refuse to acknowledge. In Jennifer Harris’ old life things hadn’t been so good, but at least she had Cameron, her true friend. Even though Cameron’s father was abusive and Jennifer was having problems at school and social life, as long as they both were close, it made things tolerable. Problem was, one day Cameron disappeared, tearing Jennifer apart. Multiple years later he reappears, but by this time Jenna has a new name, new life, is popular at school, has friends, and “change” is her middle name. Will she have room in her life for him or will she refuse to help a friend because it requires her to look back into a past life which brings up painful truths and secrets.

Sweet Hearts was a very different book. From the beginning Sara started addressing drama in schools, abuse, bullying, big moves, parents, boyfriends, emotions, etc. All things which individually or united are dealt with by teens on a daily basis, especially today. I applaud books such as this one because it has a message of hope while staying in reality. One of my biggest pet peeves is books or movies at that matter that try to reach out to people or broadcast messages and completely overdue it to a point where the book will be put down or movie turned off. Please bear in mind this is a young adult book, so there was some mild language.

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