Saturday, February 14, 2009

Picture of the Week (7)

This last week was spirit week at our school. This means, every day has a theme and we get to dress up and compete in fun competitions at lunch time. At the end of the week, winners from the games at lunch and participation in dressing up will be added up and a grade wins. This year, the juniors won.
Anyways, some of the days included, pajama day, spirit day, black out day, and siege weapon day. The above picture is of the siege weapon that some of the guys in my class made for the 1oth grade entry. It was truly amazing. They spent two weeks building it and they did it bascially by themselves. They didn't win (long long story, but we should have won, cause we were more consistent, etc. haha :))

Other photo of the weeks:
Just Me


Sherry said...

Cool catapult.

Emily Ruth said...

haha.. its pretty :)

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