Sunday, November 25, 2007

Last Games

Boise State vs. Hawaii

*sniffles* Well, the Broncos played Friday night from 9(pm) to 1(am). Yes, I stayed up for the WHOLE thing. My dad and I were able to go down to the exercise room since it was a nationally televised game. It was very fun watching the game, but the sad thing was, they lost. 39-27. I have to admit that the Warriors were a very good team. I think that if some of our best players hadn't been injured the score might be different, but one can only guess. I was very sad afterwards. It's not often that the Broncos lose. Then it hit me. Wow, I am really blessed. Lots of people have teams that they are dedicated too that are just....well...bad. It's amazing how many games the Broncos have won. In the last 8 years we have won 96 games and lost 18. This is the most wins in college football ever. So with that said, even though I am still sad, it's Hawaii's chance to shine right now and I wish them the best of luck. But, we'll see you next year Warriors and you better watch your back!

After this game Dad and I were talking about Boise’s bowl chances. He realized that they would probably be playing in the Humanitarian bowl. This is actually the bowl game hosted in Boise. *smiles* So, now the question was who was going to be their opponent.

Me: So, who is Boise going to play on the blue?
Dad: Whoever wins the North Carolina State verses Maryland game tomorrow.
*dramatic pause*
Me: WAIT!! Isn't that the game I'm going to tomorrow?

Yes indeedy, I actually got invited to the game that would decide Boise’s opponent. How crazy is that?

North Carolina State vs. Maryland

My friend’s family is big NC State fans and they have season tickets and tailgating passes and entrance into special cool big places. She invited me to go and as you may have guessed I was thrilled. My first football game in NC. We tailgated (which is a hoot, cause you eat and talk about the game and eat more) for about 2 hours, then went to our really comfortable chairs and watched the game. Don't get me wrong, I totally respect NC State and everything but their football team is horrible. In the entire game they rushed for 10 YARDS!! *that's not good* Since I haven't been in North Carolina for very long I haven't decided what teams I will root for. So, I didn't have any kind of attachment to NC State. With that said, I really enjoyed the game even though they got creamed 37-0. Maryland was a good team and I watched them and analyzed them. They will be fun to watch when Boise plays them. GO BOISE!

Love you all!


Erin said...

"In the entire game they rushed for 10 YARDS!! *that's not good*"

Thanks for clarifying for we non-football-freaks. ;)

Which friend?

Traci said...


Sherry said...

Sorry about the Broncos' loss, but glad you had fun at the college football game that decided their next challenger. : )

Cristina said...

fun post! I would have thought that you wanted NC to win since it would be easier for Boise Sate to beat them. ;) Miss you!

Hannah said...

haha sounds like fun. I havnt been to a big football game in forever....

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