Monday, August 6, 2007

Science Museum- Part 1

This place was so huge and so fun! The building had four floors of exhibits including lots of dinosaurs, bugs, whales, underwater creatures, savannah animals, and lots more. Also, on mostly every floor some group or duo was playing jazzy fun music. Unfortunately I didn't see a monkey or Teddy Roosevelt. (for those of you who have seen 'Night at the Museum’) I highly recommend going to something like this before you die. :D

Our new home....... ;)


Erin said...

The sea horses are SO COOL! Looks like a lot of'll have to take me there, maybe. ;)

I love the pic of you and your sis, you guys are so cute.

Acting Gal said...

ok, disclaimer. The house I said was our home is not really our home. Amy wanted me to say that as a joke. But, then I relized that you all hadn't really seen my new home so would probably believe me.

Sherry said...

Way to pose, Kari :-)
Looks like you'll have room for lots of guests ; ).

Hannah said...

That sounds cool!!!

Anonymous said...