Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I found this really cool quiz on Bohae's blog. Some of this is me, some of it is totally not. I just thought it was kind of funny...

You're a Hyena!

You have quite a sense of humor, though many others find it derisive
rather than appealing. You are perceived as being a coward, but actually have moments
of great bravery and have even stood up to those much larger than yourself. You like
hanging out in groups and are always making a lot of noise. Disney thinks you are an

Take the Animal Quiz
at the
Blue Pyramid.


Hannah said...

Hmmm... i took the quiz and i was a SeaHorse, i thought that was a very wierd answer!! lol.

Bohae said...

I luv guinea pigs. Except when they scratch you and try to bit you. Or poop/pee on you....

Erin said...

My answer was SO WRONG.


Acting Gal said...

what was your animal, Erin? :D

Erin said...

So not telling!

The Drama Ditz said...

I came out a dolphin... supposedly I'm mysterious and playful. :p

How fun.