Friday, June 8, 2007

Dream Quest

Dream Quest
By Brent Hartinger

A horrible thing would be to find yourself inside your own nightmare and not able to get out. For Julie the same thing is happening to her, with two exceptions.
1. Her nightmares are being produced in a studio with actors, lights, cameras, and “action”.
2. She isn’t sure she wants to go back to her miserable life with her fighting parents.

As Julie travels through her own “mind” in a way, she decides it’s time to take a firm stand against the creators of her nightmares. But where to start?

Time is running out as Julie realizes Vivian (the actress who plays her in her dreams) has gone back through the tear in the fabric of Julie’s consciousness. Vivian arrives and starts messing around in the real world, possibly causing Julie’s permanent location to be in Slumberia.

I wished this book would never end. I mean, how cool is a studio that produces your nightmares? Dream Quest brings amazing adventure, imagination and a fabulous book. Brent Hartinger, the author of a bunch of books about teenagers, does good work!

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At A Hen's Pace said...

Sounds interesting!

Good luck on your move!

Erin said...

It did have such a cool premise! I'm so glad I read it.