Saturday, June 5, 2010

Code of the Woosters Ballad

Code of the Woosters Ballad by Traci

A story told in 4, 3 verse
8 stanzas times 3 more
A tale of laughter mixed with strife,
No doubts, it will not bore.

A lady with a bright idea.
A man to do her will.
A dish she wants to claim her own
Now Bertie must fulfill.

He goes down town to scope and sneer
His hope, the price will fall.
The cow creamer is in his hands
His quest is a downfall.

A man named Bassett steps in play,
He holds the treasured cow.
As Bertie runs from law and stick
Both think, "what happens now?"

At home Aunt Dahlia stomps and storms
She has to form a plan.
So Bertie leaves her once again
For he's her handyman.

To Totleigh Towers Berties sent,
He has two missions now.
To fix his friends relationship
And steal the silver cow.

His first attempt is ended fast,
He's almost sent to jail.
Now Bassett wants to talk a trade
For fine dining and nice ail.

This trade is not acceptable,
The problems still at hand.
So Bertie stops and takes a breath
They will try it once more planned.

The one named Spode is sent away
To find a helmet pinched.
Aunt Dahlia steps forth to take,
The precious dish before she's lynched.

She runs back fast to Bertie's room,
Her treasure safe and warm.
She throws it up for Jeeves to catch,
So it's hidden before the storm.

In runs Gussie with a plan
The window's where he goes.
He grabs some sheets and jumps on down,
One less man to interpose.

He's out the window on the ground
Now Jeeves starts thinking fast
He puts the cow into a bag
Now Gussie is aghast.

"To London" yells the man in black,
It will be safe once there.
He turns around and smiles wide,
No more needs to utter prayer.

Aunt Dahlia's grand food is safe
She has her blessed cow.
The man named Bassett was shutdown
No longer can he prowl.

Gussie drops the suitcase off
It's now in Traver's hands.
A prize of glory overall
This dish can withstand all.

The tale is done, now farewell all
The hope is you enjoyed
Now please no more of this for now
This writer is employed.

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