Saturday, May 17, 2008

Free Verse Poem

Hello my friend, and welcome to your home,
feel free to explore your new grounds,
I promise there will be no disappointment.

My friends are many, with their sizes and colors,
all are unique, not one being the same,
except for the long lost twins
who arrived on different days

Here is Miss Cabot in her pink, sleek dress,
her life tells of sadness, hard troubles, and drugs.
There is Mr. Wilson in his fancy black converses,
his young boy has adventures down rivers and caves.
Oh and last but not least Miss Toby Cai,
her story is told but not yet revealed.

For hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years
your kind has always been special.
So I will strive to treat you the way you deserve, the way you ought to be

How I love to stroke and to smell you,
all those pages and pages of endless bliss.
History, love, action, and drama,
wonderful rich flavor, rising from your surface.
Always there sitting.
Always their waiting.

Welcome to your home, my friends,
sometimes I might lend you away,
to a loving and caring reader,
but you will always come back to me.

by Traci


Rosie said...

Traci, it was beautiful! That is exactly the way I feel, all the time. Especially when moving.:)

Erin said...

Oh my gosh.

That was seriously GOOD.

Just, wow. You rocketh!

Anonymous said...

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