Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Hi all my friends! I have missed my online community SO much! Today I finished my last finals and I am now completely stress free, I can sleep for a normal amount of time, I can spend time with the people I have neglected, I can read Cybils all day long, I can blog and I can get ready for the Snow Ball my school is having tomorrow! Well, LOTS has happened.

1. I had my opening night and closing night for 'Emma'. It was an amazing experience and I had so much fun. In the past I have had smaller stage roles and more backstage jobs. This time it was all stage! I experienced the feeling of 'being a completely different person'. I think I'm slightly like Harriet Smith, but for some things, I had to get out of my bubble and just do what Harriet would do, not Traci. Another fun part was how much I made the audience laugh. (I didn't think I was that funny) After the performances many people came up to me and said how they loved my facial expressions. (facial expressions?) I really need to see the video of this play, because I'm thinking that I did some things I wasn't aware of. At first I wasn't sure how to take these "facial expressions" comments, but a cherished friend told me that it was a very good thing and I thank her for that!

Emma (cast 1) and our wonderful piano player

Emma (cast 1) and Jane Austen

Me after my last performance

Jane Fairfax (cast 2) and Mrs. Weston

Mr. Elton and Mrs. Elton

Cast 1 from left to right, Harriet(me), Jane Fairfax, Mr. Churchill, Emma, Mr. Elton, Mr. Knightly, Mr. Woodhouse, and Jane Austen.

Cast 1 from left back row, to left front row, Ball Guest, Butler, Ball Guest, Maid, Harriet, Jane Fairfax, Mr. Churchill, Emma, Mr. Elton, Mr. Knightley, Jane Austen, Mrs. Weston, Mrs. Bates, Mrs. Elton, Miss Bates, Maid

Mr. Churchill, Mr. Woodhouse, Harriet, and Maid

Mr. Martin and Harriet

Ben our curtain and scrim guy and his brother Mr. Weston

Miss Bates and Mrs. Bates

Mr. Knightly, Butler, Mr. Churchill

Dancing for the fun of it between performances

Jane Austen

Me before my closing night peformance

All of us after our last performance...look at my face..;)

Jane Fairfax (cast 2), Harriet, Miss Bates, and Emma (cast 1)

Emily (good friend from school)/ Maid and my sister

Moi and Katie (Jane Fairfax, cast 2)

2. I was featured on the Cybils website HERE! *happy happy*
3. The Broncos play this Sunday!!


Sherry said...

We've missed you. Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful break from school.

Cristina said...

Excellent post! LOVE the pictures! Can't wait to see the Video. I NEED to talk to you soon... MISS YOU!

Hannah said...

Verrry cool!! Sounds like the show went great! :)

Bohae said...

Great pics : ) Fun stuff, and I hope your freeeedom finally lets you get some rest from stress :o)

Erin said...

love the fainting picture!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!! Have a happy New Year! Miss you!