Sunday, April 22, 2007


(first picture) L. as a Mime in the Merry Band
Last weekend, my sisters (A, L, and K) took part in Missoula Children's Theatre production of Robin Hood. MCT comes down once every year and puts on a play in a week. I didn't participate this year, because I am already in a production..(more on that later)

Also, I was able to get my friend,
Irishdancer to audition too. She signed on as the Skunk Wrangler. (kept the little kids in line)

A. was Asst. Stage Manager and Sound Effects (sadly, I wasn't able to get any pics of her), L. was a Mime in the Merry Band, and K. was a skunk.

Far Left-Spike(offical mascot..), Next to him-K., Center-Irishdancer, Far Right-unidentified skunk.


Erin said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing!

Cristina said...

LOL! Unidentified skunk! His name is Caleb. Thanks for the Pix and the VHS! Hopefully I will get a post up soon.